A few comments from some of the LottoWhiz users.

Roy from California:


Good news! I just won the CA Fantasy 5 and your program picked the numbers.
The numbers were: 11,14,18,19,38, on 2/11/08, and I split the jackpot of
$116K with one other person.
I used the multi-system and I filtered the numbers with a sum of 80 to 120,
the odd and even with 3-2 and 2-3, and no more than 2 consecutive numbers.

Roy M, Long Beach, CA

Mike  from Canada

Also your company would like to know if any one wins. I have been using LottoWhiz and so far has paid off $50,000
Thanks again

Michael from Greece

Hello ,
I inform you that
Lotto whiz 2000 pro predicted 5 numbers of Greek lotto 6/49
game was
3 8 18 22 24 39


Lucy from Australia in April

just did my big run of 1000x systems 7 looks great
I printed the numbers as well as doing coupons.
I congratulate you for a great program of which I'm sure I will use a lot.
My next project is to set up the other ausie lottos for printing.

kind regards Lucy

Lucy from Australia in April

Quick note to let you know every thing is going well
1000x systems 7 won $900, that's a good start.
'till next time

regards Lucy

Lucy from Australia in July


just thought I'd let you know

31st July Saturday lotto
got five numbers and a  two supplementaries on system 17
can't get any closer than that!
syndicate won $65000
thank you

regards Lucy

Murray from New Zealand.

I have downloaded your demo version of LottoWhiz and find it easy to use and feature rich. I especially like the ticket printing option.


Scott from Ohio.

I recently downloaded LottoWhiz demo for an evaluation.   I compared it to the others. I found your program to be more accurate than that of the other's program.

I went back in the past predictions and drawings to review the performance of the predictions.  Your system ( based on Ohio Lotteries Buckeye 5, dates 02/01/99 thru 03/05/99) did run a constant 2, 3, and 4 #'s hits as predicted by the program.  I also found that the prediction for the next game in sequence was good through the next 4 to 6 drawings.

Compared to the other's, your program blew them away.  The other's program's predictions very rarely, correctly predicted any of the next numbers drawn. I got to a point with their program where I felt that I should play the numbers that they didn't predict to have any of the numbers that were drawn in the next drawings in sequence.

Pricing of the programs (LottoWhiz and the others) $59.95.  I feel that the price is reasonable as compared to other similar programs that cost 2 to 4 times more.  Also I like the fact that you do offer an evaluation demo for people to see and test out for themselves. The other more expensive programs don't do this.  Who wants to spend $130 to $200 on a Lottery program just to find out that it doesn't work very well or it's impossible to understand.

Conclusion is that LottoWhiz is an excellent lottery program for the pick 5 lotteries.   The analysis of the numbers and drawing are very good.  The Probability calculator option and the ticket print out option are a definite plus. The others don't offer the probability calculator or ticket print out.  The ease of reading and understanding what your seeing on the screen was very good.  The price of $59.95 is very fair and reasonable, considering the the options and accuracy of the program.

Keep up the good work guy's.

Scott A. R.
Dayton, OH.

Tom M. from Georgia.


I used LottoWhiz last night to generate numbers for the Georgia Fantasy 5, to try out your system. I updated the game file, picked the tickets, and checked 10/21/99 winning numbers. If I only had played the tickets of the abr. wheel picks, 189 tickets, it hit 16 - 3 out of 5's and   5 - 4 out of 5's, it paid $560 - $189 tks net $371.

I'm impressed, right out of the box.  Other lotto software I have still haven't hit more than 2 out of 5.

Tom M.


Greg from Georgia.

Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop you a line of thanks.  Your program works great.

I just wish I had gotten it earlier yesterday.  We have a group that plays the Georgia Lotto, and I have to pick up tickets on Thursday.  The jackpot has carried for several drawings, so we had more people playing than usual. I had to manually mark 350 tickets.  It was a job, but I made it.  Now, thanks to LottoWhiz, that's the last time I'll manually mark tickets.

Thanks again guys and have a great day,

Larry from Florida, uses LottoWhiz to print over 6,500 Florida tickets on a regular basis.

Anton. S.  from South Africa.


I played 13 numbers abbreviated, taken with 5 numbers guaranteed to hit. The
winning numbers were 7,11,20,22,27,45 and the bonus ball was 48. I played
the full set of 116 combinations and we had 38 x 3 numbers and 10 x 4 numbers and 1 x 5 numbers
totaling hits.  The amount won was R 3200.00. The reason for the low amount was that a lot
of people won as the numbers 7,11,45 appear a lot and people play them
often. Well better luck today.

Marcus G. from Canada

First of all I want to commend your programmers the LottoWhiz  program is the best program by far on market today.  I have used other programs that pale in comparison.  If players know what they need to do with numbers, your filters and other built tools and analysis of the lotto game really help to attack the edge of winning lottery.

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